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Herzog and Carlson


Flipside at 84 Withers Street in Williamsburg presents Sculpture, a group exhibition of work by Mary Carlson, Elana Herzog, Matt Freedman, Julia Kunin, Ana Linnemann, Janet Pihlblad, and Drew Shiflett. The Show runs from April 22 through May 27, 2001.

Mary Carlson's ceramic and hand modeled serpents are suspended in frozen writhing. These pieces are part of her recent body of work dealing with demons and monsters. They extend a dialogue between fear and fragility, with an unsettling beauty.Elana Herzog seamlessly integrates her pieces into the wall. They consist of sections of raised pattern cropped from well used bedspreads. Deftly manipulated sections are reduced and rebuilt as Herzog traces and obliterates the decorative motifs with frenetic staple gunning. Matt Freedman constructs a "viewing apparatus featuring a mini-panorama". Wall mounted, and fit over the viewers head Freedman's piece juxtaposes the gallery full of art, with a view from inside his piece of the exhibition space empty. Julia Kunin exhibits a cast glass wall sculpture consisting of a cluster of clear octopi, made in Prague during a recent residency in Europe. Kunin was able to investigate and make use of new materials to discuss eroticism and sexuality in her work.Ana Linnemann's pristine floor pieces meld reductivist architectonic forms with tailored silk organza. Cast concrete components are tucked into a fabric sheath, exposed through partially opened, twisted zippers. Janet Pihlblad's site specific installation consists of moss engulfed windows placed in the hallway. Drawing on several different eras of window design, Pihlblad's installation addresses architectures relationship to nature. Drew Shiflett's work is built up from a careful layering of thinly cut strips of paper and/or cardboard on assorted materials to delicately construct voids within curious masses. Some sculptures suggest idiosyncratic architecture with recessed facades while others become resonant monuments.

Mary Carlson, Smoosh, 2001, stoneware
Elana Herzog, Mary Carlson, left to right
Herzog detail
Elana Herzog, detail, 2001, fabric, staples
Freedman sculpture
Shiflett, Freedman, Linnamann
Linnemann sculpture
Matt Freedman, Panorama, 2001, painted resin and photographs

Drew Shiftlett, Matt Freedman, Ana Linnemann, left to right

Shiflett sculpture Linnemann sculpture
Ana Linnemann, #1,4,5,18,19, 2001, cast concrete, silk organza, zippers
Ana Linnemann, #1
Kunin sculpture kunin sculpture
Drew Shiftlett, Crowd, 2000, pper, fabric, glue
Julia Kunin, detail-Crystal Octopi,
Linnemann, Kunin sculpture
Pihlblad sculpture Julia Kunin, Crystal Octopi, 2001, cast glass
Ana Linnemann, Julia Kunin, left to right
Pihlblad installation
Janet Pihlblad, Window #,3, 2001, moss over wood Janet Pihlblad, Window #1,2,3, 2001, moss over wood
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